A Review of Educational Technology 1

Educational technology is a broad term that it has no exact definition but any useful definition of educational technology must focus on the process of applying tools for educational purposes, and the materials used. It is the application of scientific findings in our method, process, or procedure of working in the field of education in order to have an effective learning. It embraces curriculum and instructional design, learning environment, and theories of teaching-learning. I learned this during our Educational Technology 1 class last semester. The Educational Technology 1 has paved the way for us learners to be aware, appreciate and be equipped in using tools ranging from traditional to modern educational media. We were also oriented towards averting the dangers of dehumanization which technology brings into societies, such as through ideological propaganda, pornography, financial fraud, and other exploitative use of technology. These dangers continue to affect people and cultures while widening the gap between rich and poor countries.

And, as a review of the subject for Educational Technology 2, we had a group quiz bee with a twist! Instead of us answering the question of the quiz master (in this case, our professor), we are the ones who formulated it. Our professor gave term/s and each group are given time to formulate a question as our answer, of each having corresponding points. We had a great time brainstorming! We’re one of the highest pointers too! Moreover, our next activity was a group presentation through tableau and role play about the technology in the past and in the present, uses of technology at home and at school, and how modern technology affects our culture, traditions, and values.

With the eruption of internet, communication and multimedia have dominated the role of technology not only at home or in the office but also in the classroom. It is important to have deeper understanding of the present technology because as a future educator, I need to adapt and meet rapid and continuing technology changes and to be engaged on proper and practical technology integration. I understand that it is more convenient if we will employ technology that is similar to the technology of which the students use at home.


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