Bridging Generation Gap

“Technology is in our hands. We can use it to build or to destroy.”

Generations of Learners


We faced the challenge of different generation of learners. We conducted interviews!

Books and internet can provide information regarding the different generations but still, an actual discovery of what it was like on each generation is a fun and helpful experience. We are divided into five groups and each group are to interview a person belonging to each of the generations (searching for a traditionalist became a challenge for us!) Each generation have unique set of characteristics, norms, attitudes, behaviors, expectations, and habits. These differences led to a generation gap. We analyzed the facts and information we gathered and discussed what we have learned in our next class.

Huge shifts in technological advances between generation mainly cause the generation gap so it is important for to learn how to communicate with the different generations to bridge it. Understanding each generation is essential for a productive teaching and learning process because it will ensure collaboration among teachers and students. It is important to identify that generation gap exists and learn how to relate to other people in order to be an effective teacher and in order to cope with the possible challenges of this profession.


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