Preferences of the Technology Generation

​“The process of is more important than the product”

After the discussion about the different preferences of learners, the activity we had is a ‘time-pressured brainstorming’ wherein each group are to list ten examples of each learning preferences then presented the output in front of the class to be checked.
Text vs. Visual

Linear vs. Hypermedia

Independent vs. Social Learners

Learning to Pass the Test vs. Learning to Do

Instant Gratification vs. Delayed Rewards

Rote Memory vs. Fun Learning

It is necessary to give importance to the preferences of the present learners for aside from it will be useful in achieving instructional goals, it will encourage them more to be flexible, analytical, and creative bringing them to higher domains of learning through the integration of educational technology in the teaching-learning process. It will be more satisfying for the learners not only to observe but to apply what they learned through viewing, evaluation, production, and other hands-on activities. Technology generation prefer projects with complexity and with relevance to the real world. So, co-future educators, let’s take the journey to higher thinking skills and creativity!


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