That Little Thing Called Molecular and Microbiology

​This should be about Computer as Information in Communication Technology but this won’t be about our class in Educational Technology 2 because I attended a seminar on the same day as my class. And so, I’ll just talk about the seminar!

Let me just clear some things up so that you won’t be confused why I’ll talk about science, yay science! My course is Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Physical Science. The thing is, I just got interested to the seminar about Molecular and Microbiology even though it doesn’t exactly fit on the field of science of my course, but it’s still about science so, yay!

It’s a whole-day seminar and there are three speakers of whom discussed the importance of microbiology, molecular biology, and biotechnology in the 21st century (the speaker said that he added the biotechnology topic because it’s an additional and must-be known information), environmental microbiology, and veterinary medicine respectively. (The third speaker is my favorite).

This will be a long blog if I discussed what I learned from the seminar but let me just share to you this: microorganisms play a vital and essential role in our environment, they are everywhere but our knowledge about them is very little. From the foods we eat up to what makes up our body, microorganisms are present. Despite their size, they have tremendous importance in the maintenance of life on earth. They influence life in different ways; environment, food, biotechnology, medicine, living. They are indeed wonderfully useful yet terribly destructive.


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