The Computer as a Tutor

The class are divided into five groups. Computer-assisted instruction, simulation programs, instructional games, problem-solving software, and multimedia encyclopedia and electronic books are the respective reports. The last topic was assigned to our group and I am their chosen representative. Our lesson is really interesting for it specifically addressed how computer is considered as a tutor. Computer has indeed succeeded in providing an individualized learning environment as it allow individual students to learn at their own pace.

Computers went beyond its capabilities to just be a mere machine that deliver routine drills and exercises to become an integral component of the teaching-learning process. In the kind of technology we had today, its role as a source of information and communication will be more evident on the years ahead. With its capabilities, it can effectively enhance students’ thinking, communication, and collaboration skills. But this doesn’t mean that it can replace a teacher, it will never. Computers will always be an instructional tool for more effective transfer and gaining of knowledge.


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