The Computer as the Teacher’s Tool

Since it’s our last session before our midterm examination, we just study silently. Our professor gave us the lesson then we answered four analysis and application questions regarding the topic. 

The Computer’s capabilities

As an information tool. Computers can provide vast amounts of information in various forms such as text, graphics, sound, and video.
As a communication tool. Computers can serve as a channel for global communication especially in video teleconferencing sessions.

As a constructive tool. Computers can be used for manipulating information, visualizing one’s understanding, and building new knowledge.

As a co-constructive tool. Computers can be used to work cooperatively and to construct a shared understanding of new knowledge.

As a situating tool. Computers can create 3-D images on display to give the user the feeling that are situated in a virtual environment by means of virtual reality extension systems.


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