Graded Recitation!

​Graded Recitation!

To assess our understanding about the past lessons, our professor required us to have a review for an individual recitation. We are called randomly. We are to explain a random topic in front of the class.

‘Instructional games’ is the topic given to me. Fortunately, I remember all about it! yay!

This kind of assessment is an effective way to persuade students review their lessons to evaluate their capability in remembering, understanding, and organizing. It requires students to not just memorize but to explain concepts by making them break down the whole to its components and eventually put it together to create a new whole. But, the student need to make sure that their answers are based from facts.

This technique is beneficial for us and for our future work, we would be conducting assessments that should be properly and systematically formulated. It is necessary to consider different aspects of learning, not just focusing on one ability but interconnected ones.


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